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PROS 2015 Summer Meeting

2015 PROS Meeting will be in Texas.

A NASA tour is planned. You will love the Gulf Coast. Plan your meeting now, and have some fun too.

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Nuclear reactor ship to start journey from Va. to Galveston

Inside the race for Canada’s nuclear waste: 11 towns vie to host deep burial site

The Globe and Mail

A portion of the Bruce Power facility. “A” is the Bruce B power station; “B” marks low-level waste storage buildings; the triangle is the location of a proposed Deep Geological Repository for low- and intermediate-level waste. A search is under way for a separate DGR site to house high-level waste—the spent fuel from Canada's nuclear reactors. (Peter Andrew Lusztyk / for The Globe and Mail)

Negotiations delay TransCanada’s Bruce Power nuclear reactor updates

Bruce Power and its shareholders fear the province’s schedule, which would require the company to take units off-line before the end of their commercial life. (Norm Betts/Bloomberg)Bruce Power and the Ontario government are mired in negotiations for a $15-billion deal to refurbish six nuclear reactors, delaying the planned project past a self-imposed deadline and posing new questions about the province’s future energy mix.

Regulator says Areva nuclear reactor problems could be costly

Flamanville EPR

(Reuters) - Weak spots found in nuclear reactors designed by France's Areva are "very serious" and could prove costly to rectify, the head of France's nuclear regulator told a French newspaper.

Anomalies have been found in the bottom and lid of the reactor vessel which could reduce the resistance of the metal, Pierre-Franck Chevet, head of the ASN regulator, told daily Le Parisien.

Chevet said that a similar Areva forging technique had been used for five other EPRs either planned or being built.

China Approves First Locally Designed Nuclear Reactor to Spur Economy

BEIJING—China’s top government body approved construction of the nation’s first domestically designed nuclear reactor as Beijing looks to ramp up infrastructure spending to combat slowing economic growth.

The State Council issued a statement after its weekly meeting that it had approved the first demonstration unit of China’s Hualong-1 nuclear reactor.


By Bob Meyer

This is a great example of the requirements for the facility to revisit changes to the environment around the plant not originally in the facility analysis. This could include reviewing what is moved on trains, ships, pipelines or other changes to the public domain that could impact the plant.


Cooper Nuclear Station became aware of the installation of two 12,000 gallon anhydrous ammonia tanks approximately 1.5 miles from the site. This amount of anhydrous ammonia at that distance exceeds the control room habitability hazardous chemical analysis previously evaluated for the nuclear station. The control room staff has been informed of the condition and have reviewed the appropriate abnormal procedures for actions to take in the case of a leak. This potentially represents an unanalyzed condition that significantly degrades plant safety and is reportable under 10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(ii)(B).



The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is issuing this revised information notice (IN) to inform addressees of operating experience with radioactive effluent monitoring systems. This Revision 1 to IN 2013-13 replaces the original IN 2013-13 in its entirety, and clarifies the scope of the monitoring program set up by licensees pursuant to 10 CFR 50.65, “Requirements for monitoring the effectiveness of maintenance at nuclthe maintenance rule). Specifically, the revision clarifies that the scope of the maintenance rule monitoring program includes only those radiation monitoring systems (RMSs) that are relied upon to mitigate accidents or transients or are used in plant emergency operating procedures (EOPs) as specified in the rule, instead of all RMSs that may be used in the emergency plan.

The NRC reviewed the operating experience with RMSs based on inspection results and found a broad range of effluent monitoring system deficiencies. The review found problems that occurred with RMS design modifications, calibration, representative sampling, and maintenance. These deficiencies impaired the ability of radioactive effluent monitoring systems to monitor radioactive effluent discharges adequately; however, none of the deficiencies identified resulted in any significant occupational or public dose.

Salem 1 LER: Manual Reactor Trip Due to Main Power Transformer Low Oil Level

On October 19, 2014, at 2051, while performing a unit shutdown in preparation for its twenty-third refueling outage, Salem unit 1 control room operators initiated a manual reactor trip at approximately 20 percent reactor power. The manual reactor trip was inserted due to concerns with the 1 B Main Power Transformer, which had been in service with identified oil leakage. All control rods fully inserted on the trip. The auxiliary feedwater system actuated as designed in response to low steam generator levels. Decay heat removal was via the steam dumps to the main condenser. The plant was stabilized in Hot Standby.

Operators failed to recognize parameters on 1 B Main Power Transformer which would have required them to enter an Adverse Condition Monitoring Plan. Entry into the plan would have required them to perform a fast load reduction and remove the main turbine from service at 40 percent power. Salem Generating Station will fully integrate procedure use and adherence principles and behaviors throughout Operations.

This report is made in accordance with 10 CFR 50.73 (a)(2)(iv)(A), "Any event or condition that resulted in manual or automatic actuation of any of the systems listed in paragraph (a)(2)(iv)(B) ... "for a manual reactor trip and for automatic actuation of the auxiliary feedwater system. 

Oconee 3 LER: Unit 3 Manual Reactor Trip Due to Unacceptable Main Feedwater Flow Control Valve Oscillations

On January 31, 2015, Oconee Unit 3 was operating at 100% power in MODE 1 when Control Room operators observed that Main Feedwater flow indicators were oscillating outside of normal parameters. The Control Room supervisor made the decision to manually trip Unit 3 at 1431 hours due to erratic feedwater operation and increasing RCS pressure. A subsequent investigation determined the feedwater flow oscillations were caused by a subcomponent failure of the electrical to pneumatic converter (E/P), 3FDW EP 0007, to properly control feedwater flow for Main Feedwater Control Valve (MFCV) 3FDW-32.

This event was reported as a 4-hour notification to the NRC on January 31, 2015, in Event Notification (EN) number 50781 under 10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B) - Reactor Protection System (RPS) Actuation - Critical. The event is reportable under 10 CFR 50.73(a)(2)(iv)(A) as an actuation of the RPS.

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