Shandong Nuclear Power Company and Westinghouse Electric Start Excavation on New AP1000 Plant in Haiyang, China


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Chinese/US Development Partnership Breaks Ground Early on Second of Two Facilities Deploying World's Most Advanced Nuclear Technology.

The Shandong Nuclear Power Company with Westinghouse Electric Company LLC and its consortium partner The Shaw Group Inc. (NYSE: SGR) broke ground today one month earlier than scheduled on the Haiyang Nuclear Power Facility in Shandong Province, one of the most highly advanced nuclear power plants being constructed in the world.

The Haiyang facility will house two nuclear plants, each deploying Westinghouse's AP1000(TM) technology, the safest, most advanced and proven nuclear power plant currently available in the worldwide marketplace. Excavation for the first of the two plants will take approximately three months to create a hole 12 meters deep (39 feet) that will house the nuclear reactor and turbine buildings. The volume of the excavation is approximately 48,916 cubic meters or about 19.5 Olympic-size swimming pools. When completed, a base for the plant nearly 175 meters wide (570 feet) by 250 meters long (840 feet) will exist.

The Westinghouse consortium is working in partnership with the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation Ltd. (SNTPC) to construct four nuclear power facilities in China, all using AP1000 technology. Excavation on the first of two other plants planned for development in Sanmen, in partnership with the Sanmen Nuclear Power Company Ltd., also broke ground earlier this year in February, more than a month ahead of schedule.

The SNTPC and Shandong Nuclear Power Company, the nuclear plant owner, selected the AP1000 technology for its safety performance characteristics, ease of operation, generating capacity, modular design and cost effectiveness in both construction and operational phases. The AP1000 is the only nuclear power plant technology being built in the world today with fully automated operational/safety control functions and cooling systems, in addition to featuring the most advanced instrumentation and control in the industry. The technology also has one of the shortest construction cycles in the industry, with the first of the Haiyang plants expected to come on line in 2014.


irst of China's AP1000

Ground has been broken on the first of China's AP1000 nuclear power reactors as the country puts together what amounts to a production line for further build.

Westinghouse reported a key milestone in its sale of four new nuclear power reactors in China today as its partner, Shaw, and Shandong Nuclear Power Company broke ground on the first unit at Haiyang.

The pre-construction milestone comes ten days after a ceremony to mark the readiness of a factory specifically designed for nuclear power plant component modules. Shandong Nuclear Power Construction Group built the facility, which has the capacity to support the construction of two AP1000s each year, in just 11 months.

Haiyang nuclear power plant is planned to eventually host eight large advanced reactors, of which only two have so far been contracted from Westinghouse and Shaw. The new manufacturing facility is local to Haiyang in Shandong province, but also to the Weihei and Hongshiding sites which are also expected to host two advanced reactors each.

In order to expand construction horizons and speed work on site, the latest reactors are designed to be made in prefabricated modules that can be transported and fitted as a whole after production at factories like the new one in Shandong. Located near the sea, the components and modules from the plant could be taken to any new nuclear site in China, and potentially the rest of the world.

Shandong said the new 71,000 square metre factory includes a cutting workshop, a pipeline workshop, a paint shop and a workshop for containment vessels (the steel liners that lie within the overall reinforced concrete reactor containment).

Large components for the Haiyang units have already been contracted: Doosan Heavy Industries of Korea is making the reactor pressure vessels and steam generators, while Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan and Harbin Boiler Works of China will supply the steam turbines. For Westinghouse's other pair of AP1000s at Sanmen the steam generators and reactor pressure vessels will be made in China by either Harbin, First Heavy Machinery Works or Shanghai Electric.

First concrete at Haiyang - the official start of construction - is expected in September 2009, with commissioning of the first unit about 36 months later.


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