Severity Level IV  An NCV of 10 CFR 50.9, “Completeness and Accuracy of Information,” was identified due to the submittal of inaccurate medical information for a licensed operator. The submittal to the NRC was inaccurate because it certified that the operator had been medically examined and had met all medical qualifications, when in fact, a Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) did not disclose that he had been prescribed a therapeutic device to treat sleep apnea. The licensee entered the issues into the corrective action program (CAP). The licensee's corrective actions included amending the SRO licensee to include the restriction related to use of a medical device.

The SRO was unaware that being prescribed a therapeutic device for treatment of sleep apnea in March 2010 was a condition requiring reporting. The licensee submitted medical information associated with relicensing the SRO in March 2012 that was incomplete and incorrect for the SRO. Because violations of 10 CFR 50.9 are considered to be violations that potentially impede or impact the regulatory process, they are dispositioned using the traditional enforcement process. In accordance with the Enforcement Policy, the inspectors concluded that the violation was a Severity Level IV because the SRO met ANSI/ANS 3.4 criteria but failed to report a condition that required an amended license. The licensee’s failure to provide complete and accurate information to the NRC impacted the regulatory process because it resulted in an incorrect licensing action and is a performance deficiency. This is a minor ROP issue since the non-disclosure of a medical condition for a licensed operator did not result in an adverse impact on plant operation. Since there is no ROP Finding, there is no cross-cutting aspect associated with this violation.

Green - The inspectors identified a finding of very low safety significance and associated NCV of 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix B, Criterion V, “Instructions, Procedures and Drawings,” for the failure to perform an evaluation required to meet 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix B, Criterion XI, on essential service water piping. Specifically, the inspectors identified the licensee failed to perform a required evaluation on a segment of essential service water piping when the results of the pipe wall thickness measurements demonstrated they were below the established minimum wall thickness acceptance criteria.

The inspectors determined the finding had a cross-cutting aspect in the area of human performance because the licensee did not follow their procedure which required them to generate an action request and perform an evaluation when acceptance criteria were not met.

Green - A self-revealed finding of very low safety significance (Green) and associated NCV occurred based on two violations of 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, Criterion V in the fourth quarter of 2012. The violations occurred due to failure of licensee personnel to secure High Energy Line Break (HELB)/Fire barrier doors following use of the door as required by procedure. These examples resulted in inoperability of Auxiliary Feedwater (AFW) pumps during the two periods when the doors were no longer in use for personnel transit.

The inspectors determined the finding had a cross-cutting aspect in the area of human performance because the licensee did not use human error prevention techniques.

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