New 71111.11 Inspection Procedure: Licensed Operator Requalification Program and Licensed Operator Performance

IP 71111.11

by Bob Meyer

The new inspection procedure for Licensed Operator Requalification is out. This is a must read for operations managers, training managers and those involved with licensed requal. Licensed operators should be familiar with the consequences of poor performance. Many changes came about after operator performance issues in the last couple years. Use the above link for the full inspection procedure.

71111.11 - This inspection evaluates licensed operator1 performance during the conduct of facility-administered requalification examinations required by 10 CFR 55.59, other examinations, facility training exercises, and during selected evolutions conducted in the actual plant/main control room. This inspection also reviews the ability of the facility licensee to identify and correct problems associated with licensed operator performance. Poor licensed operator performance results in an increase in risk due to: (1) an increase in human errors which cause initiating events, and (2) an increase in human errors for taking timely and correct mitigating actions after an event. Licensed operator errors can also impact barrier integrity and emergency preparedness.

In order to utilize requalification examinations for measuring licensed operator performance, it is necessary that facility licensees properly develop and administer these examinations, such that they are effective tools for evaluating licensed operators. Therefore, this inspection evaluates the facility licensee’s ability to develop and administer these examinations. In addition, this inspection checks that licensed operators are properly maintaining their licenses by meeting requirements for training attendance, on-watch proficiency, and medical fitness.

Finally, a portion of all licensed operator training and examination is conducted on the control room simulator, and in order for these activities to be conducted in a realistic fashion, it is necessary that the control room simulator properly model expected plant performance. Therefore, this inspection also evaluates control room simulator performance, and the facility licensee’s testing and maintenance of the control room simulator.

For the full procedure use the 71111.11 link above.

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