As of August 1, 2013, oversight responsibility for decommissioning activities at the Crystal River Unit 3 Nuclear Plant (CR-3) has transferred from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Region ll to NRC Region l. This includes the areas of enforcement, allegations, public affairs, and liaison with state and local governments, as they relate to the decommissioning inspection program in Inspection Manual Chapter (lMC) 236l, "Decommissioning Power Reactor Inspection Program." Region ll will maintain. responsibility for incident response at CR-3 until December 1, 2013, at which time it will be transferred to Region l.

When CR-3 certified cessation of power operations and the permanent removal of fuel from the reactor vessel by letter to the NRC, dated February 20,2013, the oversight of licensed activities transitioned to IMC 2561. ln a letter to CR-3, dated May 1 5,2013, the NRC informed you that a transition inspection program would be conducted by Region ll untilthe transfer of oversight responsibility to Region I was implemented. lt also informed you that it was no longer necessary to report Reactor Oversight Process performance indicator data for CR-3 as described in IMC 0608, "Performance Indicator Program." Although the inspection program for NRC oversight at your facility has changed substantially, all license requirements remain in effect until altered by formal action from the NRC.

As defined in IMC 2561, CR-3 is currently in the "Post-Operation Transition Phase" of decommissioning. The objectives of IMC 2561 are to verify that decommissioning activities are being conducted safely, that spent fuel is safely stored onsite or transferred to another licensed location, and that site operations and license termination activities are in conformance with applicable regulatory requirements, licensee commitments, and management controls.

The Region I organization responsible for the oversight of decommissioning activities at CR-3 is the Division of Nuclear Materials Safety, Decommissioning Branch. The enclosed inspection plan lists the inspections through December 31, 2013. The inspections listed are tentative and may be revised based on site activities. The NRC provides the inspection plan to allow for resolution of any scheduling conflicts and personnel availability issues. The NRC will contact you to discuss the inspections should circumstances warrant any changes.

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