The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will meet with officials from the Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Co. to discuss the Wolf Creek nuclear power plant located near Burlington, Kan.

The meeting will be held on Dec. 10 at 3 p.m. in NRC’s Region IV offices at 1600 E. Lamar in Arlington, Texas. The public is invited to observe the meeting and will have an opportunity to ask questions after the business portion of the meeting.

NRC staff and Wolf Creek officials are meeting to discuss the company’s actions to address performance issues that were identified in the NRC’s 2012 mid-cycle assessment letter issued on September 4. Specifically, the company will address performance issues in the areas of problem identification and resolution and human performance.

A phone bridge is available to members of the public by calling 1-800-952-9677 and asking to be connected to the meeting.

The NRC’s mid-cycle assessment letter to Wolf Creek officials, which addresses the performance of the plant from July 2011 to June 2012, is available on the NRC website at: .

Current performance information for Wolf Creek is also available on the NRC website at: .

September 4, 2012 Redacted letter to Matthew W. Sunseri, President and Cheif Executive Officer.

Mid-Cycle Review was completed on August 14, 2012. The NRC determined the performance at Wolf Creek Generating Station during the most recent quarter was within the Regulatory Response Column of the NRC's Reactor oversight Process (ROP) Action Matrix because the Performance Indicator for Mitigating Systems Performance Index - Emergency AC System was reported as White in the second quarter of 2012 for the first two quarters of 2012. Therefore, in addition to the ROP baseline inspections, the NRC plans to conduct a supplemental inspection in accordance with Inspection Procedure 95001, "Supplemental Inspection for One or Two White Inputs in a Strategic Performance Area," once you have informed us of your readiness for this inspection.

Although plant performance was within the Regulatory Response Coumn, the NRC has not yet finalized the significance of apparent violation 05000482/2012009-01, "Failure to Follow Procedures for Contractor Control during Maintenance on the Startup Transformer." the final safety significance determination is expted to affect the NRC's assessment of plant performance and the enclosed inspection plan because you accepted the preliminary significance of a yellow finding and declined to provide additional information to be considered in assessing the final significance of the finding n a letter dated August 15, 2012, (ML12222A007).

In its assessment letter dated March 5, 2012 (ML120650857), the NRC outlined substantive cross-cutting issues (SCCIs) in the areas of problem identification and resolution and human performance associated with themes in the aspects of: (1) use of a low threshold for identifying issues i the corrective action program [P.1(a)]; (2) thoroughness of evaluating problems such that resolutions address causes and extent of condition [P.1(c0]; (3) appropriateness and timeliness of corrective actions [P.1(d.]; (4) use of conservative assumptions in decision-making [H.1(b)]; and (5) completeness and accuracy of design documentation, procedures, and work packages [H.2(c)]. We also stated that we would conduct additional inspection above the ROP baseline inspection program as described in Section 13.03 of Inspection Manual Chapter 0305, "Operating Reactor Assessment Program," to evaluate the effectiveness of your performance improvement efforts related to these substantive cross-cutting issues.

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