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PROS 2015 Summer Meeting

2015 PROS Meeting will be in Texas.

A NASA tour is planned. You will love the Gulf Coast. Plan your meeting now, and have some fun too.

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IAEA Helps Nuclear Newcomers with Workforce Planning Tool

Construction work at the turbine building of Units 3 – 4 of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant, Slovakia

Construction work at the turbine building of Units 3 – 4 of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant, Slovakia. A nuclear power programme needs a skilled workforce from a wide range of backgrounds. (Photo: A. Evrensel/IAEA)

In developing the necessary workforce for new nuclear power programmes, the IAEA is making increased use of a new modelling tool to help newcomer countries understand their human resources requirements.

IAEA Assists Member States with Knowledge Management in Nuclear Safety

In most countries the nuclear safety infrastructure is diverse and complex, because nuclear technologies are used in various sectors — such  as health, food production and distribution, water management, construction, shipping, electricity and the environment — and each sector has its own methods of sharing nuclear safety knowledge and its own repository of information. This could make it difficult for states to obtain consolidated information and to share it with international counterparts when necessary.

To facilitate the centralization and selective sharing of national nuclear safety information, the IAEA is helping countries create knowledge repositories under the internet-based Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network (GNSSN).

Water Use and Electricity Generation

Water Use and Electricity Generation

Palo Verde in Arizona, the first nuclear energy facility in the world to use recycled municipal wastewater for cooling.

The nuclear energy industry is committed to conserving water and protecting aquatic life. Nuclear plants are designed to use the minimum amount of water necessary for cooling. In fact, in comparison with other uses of water, a nuclear power plant consumes a moderate amount of water.

By comparison, in the energy sector, biomass uses little water, but biomass emits carbon dioxide. Wind and solar photovoltaics have low water consumption, while hydro, geothermal, and solar-thermal have high water consumption.

Water from Diablo Canyon desal plant could be piped to South County

In an effort to provide county residents some measure of drought anxiety relief, San Luis Obispo County and Pacific Gas and Electric Co. will spend the next four months exploring ways that millions of gallons of excess freshwater from Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant’s desalination plant might be put to beneficial use.

Utilities Accuse MISO of ‘Massive’ Overcharges on Entergy System


Southern Co. and three Missouri utilities say that MISO has billed them more than $21 million in excessive transmission rates since Entergy joined the RTO in December 2013.

In a complaint filed Wednesday with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the companies accuse MISO of imposing a “massive and unlawful increase” for power moved over the Entergy system (EL15-66).

Entergy: Crews working to repair dam at Lewis Creek Reservoir

Lewis Creek Dam

Entergy is putting preventive measures in place because the company believes the dam at the Lewis Creek Reservoir near Willis has the potential to fail. Sofia Ojeda reports.

Can Southern Company Shareholders Persuade Its Board to Stop Supporting Climate Change Denial?

On May 27, 2015, the shareholders of utility Southern Company will have the chance to tell the corporation's board that they want more independence, more transparency, and a stop to the company's support of climate change "research" that fails to meet academic standards for integrity.


A struggling and loss-making national champion is set to be taken over

PLANS for rescuing France’s ailing nuclear engineer, Areva, became a little clearer this week when the new boss of Electricité de France (EDF), Jean-Bernard Lévy, described on May 19th the role that the utility was prepared to play. Mr Lévy made the case for an “ambitious” takeover by EDF of Areva’s nuclear-reactor business, leaving Areva with uranium mining, fuel treatment and decommissioning. The price would have to be right. The government, which owns around 85% of both companies, is expected to make a final decision early next month.

Britain's looming power predicament

Britain has hi-tec capability. Fifty percent of the successful Airbus is British: including the wonderful wing, electrifying electronics and reliable Rolls Royce engines. The British also invented the computer and programming system, along with text messaging and the internet. The British government has proved less successful.

Britain's Conservative government auctioned off the electricity industry thirty years ago. Over the following decades foreign owners handsomely profited with slight investment in fresh generating capacity. 

Now, devoid of nuclear design and construction capability, Britain has turned to France and its state owned EDF, who with Chinese finance, won British government contracts for nuclear plant construction at Hinkley Point and Sizewell.

The decision to replace the plant at Hinckley Point, with a new generation of nuclear reactors, dates back to 2008 and the Labour government; the contract later being awarded by a Conservative coalition government.

The French nuclear safety inspectorate checking a similar EDF plant, under construction near Cherbourg, found cracks in the nuclear reactor casing. On examination the Inspectorate concluded that replacing the casings would be possible but very costly "in both time and money".

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