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PROS 2015 Summer Meeting

2015 PROS Meeting will be in Texas.

A NASA tour is planned. You will love the Gulf Coast. Plan your meeting now, and have some fun too.

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Magnox given approval to extend life of UK Wylfa nuclear reactor

LONDON, Sept 30 (Reuters) - Britain's nuclear power industry

Two nuclear fuel rods found damaged during North Anna power plant refueling

RICHMOND — Dominion Virginia Power has found two damaged nuclear fuel rods in its North Anna 2 power plant during the Louisa County reactor’s scheduled refueling in earlier this month.

The Richmond-based utility said it believes that about 15 uranium fuel pellets came out of two rods and entered the reactor cooling system.


However, because the radioactive uranium is contained in the reactor system, the damage has “no radiological consequence to it,” said David A. Heacock, president and chief nuclear officer of Dominion Nuclear, a subsidiary of Dominion Resources Inc., the parent company of Dominion Virginia Power.


German day-ahead power prices near seven-month-high on reactor delay, low wind

German day-ahead power prices jumped Monday, ending September at the highest level since early March, as the return of the Neckarwestheim 2 nuclear reactor was delayed to Wednesday, while wind and solar power were forecast well below average levels, sources said.

Baseload power for day-ahead delivery was last heard OTC Eur4.40 above where Monday power closed Friday at Eur44.80/MWh, the highest close for day-ahead in OTC trading since March 3, Platts data shows.

NRC: The Office of the Executive Director for Operations (EDO) Decision on Differing Professional Opinion (DPO) 2013-002 Appeal: Diablo Canyon Seismic Issues (DPO 2013- 002)

On September 9, 2014, the EDO issued a decision on the appeal of DPO 2013-002, concerning seismic issues at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (DCNPP). The EDO’s decision on the appeal supported both the DPO panel’s independent technical conclusions and subsequent Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation Director’s decision that there was not a significant or immediate concern with seismic safety at DCPP, and that the licensee and staff had followed appropriate processes for technical specification operability of plant equipment and Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations 50.59 evaluations with a reasonable technical and safety rationale. The EDO noted that the DPO raised awareness of the complexity of the DCNPP seismic licensing basis, but also illustrated the need for the agency to ensure there are clear guidelines for staff and licensees regarding how changes in natural hazards should be evaluated for all licensees. The public records for this DPO are available in the DPO case file package in the Agencywide Document Access and Management System, Accession No. ML14252A743.


Green: The inspectors identified a finding of very low safety significance and an associated cited violation of Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 50, Appendix B, Criterion XVI, “Corrective Action,” where the licensee failed to correct a condition adverse to quality following the discovery of water in several safety-related electrical conduits. Specifically, the licensee identified water in 23 embedded conduits containing cables for safety-related equipment. However, the licensee failed to take corrective action to remove water from nine of the conduits. This violation is being cited because the licensee had failed to restore compliance, or demonstrate objective evidence of plans to restore compliance in a reasonable period following documentation of four associated Non-Cited Violations (NCVs) issued from January 30, 2013 to December 5, 2013. 

Unease in Finland over Russian-designed nuclear reactor

The Finnish government has come under fire for approving a Russian-built nuclear reactor despite reservations over its design as well as the political implications associated with it.

Rosatom holds a 34 per cent stake in the Fennovoima project and Finnish MEP Olli Rehn says Finland ought to row in with the rest of Europe in taking a hard line against rec


By Bob Meyer

This is a great report, demonstrating attention to details when doing walkdowns. 50,000 leak into safety related areas due to rain.

On September 24, 2014, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) completed an inspection at St. Lucie Plant Units 1 and 2. The purpose of the inspection was to conduct a review of the following licensee event reports (LERs): 

• LER 05000335, 389/2012-010, “Degraded Manhole Conduit Seals Bypassed External  Flood Protection,” Supplement 1 

• LER 05000335/2014-001, “Internal RAB Flooding During Heavy Rain Due to Degraded  Conduits Lacking Internal Flood Barriers,” Supplements 0, 1 and 2 

This inspection examined activities conducted under your license as they relate to safety and compliance with the Commission’s rules and regulations and with the conditions in your license. Within these areas, the inspection consisted of an examination of selected procedures and representative records, observations of activities, and interviews with personnel. 


On 7/22/2014 at 0414, VC Summer Nuclear Station automatically tripped due to lowv Steam Generator water level in "C" Steam Generator. The trip was the result of the Condensate Bypass Valve, XVB09210-WI, failing to open as required while removing the Condensate Demineralization (WI) System from service during plant startup. With flow removed from the WI system and bypass valve XVB09210-WI closed, condensate flow to the Deaerator Storage Tank (DAST) was isolated. All operating main Feedwater pumps tripped on DAST Low-Low level setpoint. The water level in the Steam Generators decreased and resulted in a reactor trip.

The cause of this event was failure of XVB0921O-WI to stroke open due to a failed solenoid actuator and a procedure deficiency in manipulating the WI System. For corrective actions, the solenoid actuator for XVB09210-WI was replaced and the system operating procedure for the WI system has been revised to direct the operator to verify' that XVB092 10-WI is has actuated open before reducing the flow through the Condensate Polishing Demineralizers.


Enhancements to Emergency Response Capabilities for Beyond Design Basis Accidents and Events - NEI April 2014

The NRC released the NEI paper for beyond DBAs.

Here is the Executive Summary. For more information go to NRC ADAMS: ML14247A087.


This technical report provides guidance for the completion of actions necessary to address the Tier 2 Emergency Preparedness (EP) enhancements identified in US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Report, Recommendations for Enhancing Reactor Safety in the 21st Century [The Near-Term Task Force Review of Insights from the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Accident].1&2 These actions reflect the approach discussed in COMSECY-13-0010, Schedule and Plans for Tier 2 Order on Emergency Preparedness for Japan Lessons Learned, and related NRC staff and Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) documents. Specifically, the NRC staff determined that certain Tier 2 EP items are being addressed adequately through implementation of NRC Order EA-12-049, Order Modifying Licenses with Regard to Requirements for Mitigation Strategies for Beyond Design Basis External Events. 

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