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This event is being reported in accordance with 10CFR50.72(b)(2)(xi). 

On July 2, 2015, at approximately 0830 EDT, an inadvertent actuation of the Perry Nuclear Power Plant's (PNPP) alert notification system occurred. Seventy-six of seventy-six sirens sounded for three minutes affecting the emergency planning zone in Ashtabula, Geauga, and Lake Counties.

North Anna’s round room safety feature is first of its kind in U.S

North Anna Power Station

MINERAL — A small concrete dome near the North Anna Power Station holds all the tools that employees at the nuclear plant hope they never have to use.

There are shiny green John Deere tractors, generators, water pumps and electrical cables, all as pristine as if they were bought last week.

Energy rules have Virginia weighing new nuclear reactor at North Anna

North Anna Power StationMINERAL — A new set of federal standards is poised to change the way electricity is made across the country, moving the nation further away from coal and toward cleaner energy sources.

But in Virginia, the rules known as the Clean Power Plan already are becoming part of a larger debate over whether the state’s largest utility should build another nuclear reactor.

Russia Sees Floating Nuclear Power Plant Costs Balloon


The Akademik Lomonosov is a floating nuclear power plant that Russia’s Rosatom is building at the Baltiysky shipyard in St. Petersburg. Courtesy: Rosatom

Costs for the Akademik Lomonosov, Russia’s flagship floating nuclear power plant, have reportedly mushroomed to 37 billion rubles ($700 million), an increase of more than 300% from the original 2006 estimate of nine billion rubles ($170 million).


By Bob Meyer
The Operator Licensing Implementation Team (OLIT) Final Action Plan submitted the final recommendations to NRC Headquarters. The LLRT was convened after the March 18, 2014, Atomic Safety and Licensing Board decision to overturn the NRC staff’s denial of a Senior Operator License for an applicant at the Vogtle Electric Generating Plant. 
Overall, 19 of the 23 recommendations are being implemented as originally intended by the LLRT. The OLIT determined that four LLRT recommendations would be implemented in a different manner as detailed in its initial OLIT Action Plan.  
Recommendations are in the following areas:
- NUREG-1021 Grading Standards for Simulator Operating Tests and Regional Consistency
- NUREG-1021 Grading Standards for Simulator Operating Tests and Regional Consistency
- The Waiver process for Previously Passed Portions of the Examination
- The Administrative Review process for Contested simulator Operating Testing Results
- Examination Team Composition
- Review of Interim Guidance to the Conduct of Initial Operator Licensing Examinations 
- Review of 2011 independent Review Team Report
Members can got to the FORUM topic under "Members Forum" to see all the recommendations and the NUREG-1021 Rev. 11 publishing date.  This is a members only section.

Millstone Power Station Unit 2: Historical Oil Leakage from "C" RBCCW Pump Bearings Challenged Meeting Mission Time

by Bob Meyer

Brief your crews on this, if you do not have this case in your Ops Determination procedure. SRO MUST READ.

On April 17, 2015, with Millstone Power Station Unit 2 (MPS2) at 100% power and in operating MODE 1, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission questioned the historic operability of Millstone Power Station Unit 2's (MPS2) "C" Reactor Building Closed Cooling Water (RBCCW) pump because several condition reports had reported the need to frequently add oil to the pump's outboard bearing bubbler between November 2014 and early April 2015. Upon further review,

Dominion concluded that operability could not be assured since there may not have been sufficient oil to meet mission time requirements at all times with no compensatory measures in place. Plant Technical Specification "Reactor Building Closed Cooling Water System" requires two reactor building closed cooling water loops shall be operable.

Since there were periods of time that plant operators were crediting the "C" RBCCW pump for one of the two required reactor building closed cooling water loops, and operability could not be assured at all times, Dominion is reporting this event pursuant to 10 CFR 50.73(a)(2)(i)(B), as a condition that was prohibited by the plant's Technical Specifications.

Crystal River Unit 3 - Notification of Schedule Changes for the Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report

by Bob Meyer

Duke Energy Florida, Inc. (DEF) submitted a notification to the NRC that DEF is planning to perform certain activities that constitute a schedule change as previously submitted to the NRC.

The Crystal River Unit 3 (CR-3) Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report (PSDAR) and associated Site-Specific Decommissioning Cost Estimate (DCE) and certain construction activities with associated costs were not planned by the PSDAR and DCE.

The disposal of legacy waste (i.e., retired steam generators, reactor vessel closure head and hot leg piping) from the site is behind schedule. DEF's new schedule is lagging four years compared to the original plan for these activities. DEF claims the changes will not add to the cost or to occupational dose.

Duke Energy Florida significantly underestimated the cost of cost of the demolition of the Ready Warehouse, CR-3 SAFSTOR decommissioning cost estimate with dry fuel storage, and Security cost with an increased security footprint associated with dry fuel storage. The schedule has been extended past the original 2074 for the completion of the dry fuel storage. 

DEF has concluded there is no significant impact to the overall cost or schedule that would jeopardize the ability of CR3 to continue to demonstrate financial assurance.


On May 4, 2015 with Unit 1 in Mode 1 at 100 percent power, during performance of the 'A' channel Auxiliary Feedwater Actuation System (AFAS) monthly functional test, an invalid 'A' channel AFAS actuation occurred. The monthly functional test resulted with AFAS-1 in a half trip condition. Due to a poor contact on a manual actuation switch, a pathway was dropped out causing the partial AFAS actuation to occur. The faulty mechanical switch was replaced and the post maintenance testing was satisfactory. 

The partial AFAS actuation resulted in the successful start of 'A' AFW electric driven pump and the opening of its motor control valve, feeding the 'A' steam generator. The system responded to the invalid actuation as designed. 


Thermo Gamma-Metrics LLC, a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, regarding potential noncompliance of their d ual uncompensated ion chamber power range detector. 

Based upon Fisher's evaluation, Thermo Gamma-Metrics has determined that a Reportable Condition under 10 CFR Part 21 exists for plant listed herein.

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